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« Mr Pierre Dalphin is a truly remarkable “Maître Luthier”.
His violins possess all the necessary qualities; the sound projects and carries well and easily. The wealth of colour and the tonal nobility are also ever present. I take much pleasure in congratulating Mr Pierre Dalphin on these achievements and on his unreserved devotion to his art. »
Henrik Szeryng (1980)

"My acquaintance with Pierre Dalphin's work has given me a new appreciation of the contemporary art of violin-making.
The violin of his I am now fortunate to possess highly gratifies ear and eye and represents a consummate example of craftsmanship."
Szymon Goldberg (1982)

"…I would like to tell you how very much I like the violin you made for me. Not only does it look beautiful but the sound is exceptionaly full and rich…You are a superb craftsman and artist. Thank you."
Sally Thomas (1982)
On the faculty of the Juilliard School, New York

"…With my greatest admiration for his incomparable Art…"
Franco Gulli (1987)

"I have been delighted to play many concerts on my 1992 Dalphin violin. It is beautifully made and has a big, expressive sound. I very often use it instead of my 1770 J.B. Guadagnini."
Andrew Dawes (1995)
Ex first violin of the Orford Quartett and
Tokyo String Quartett
Prof University of British Columbia (Canada)

"From my very first encounter with a violin made by Pierre Dalphin, I have been impressed by its exceptional qualities, combining warmth, projection and fullness of sound.
I am very pleased to play an instrument of this outstanding violin maker."
Laurent Korcia (1995)

"..the violin you have just made for me is simply fantastic. Since then I have been performing a series of concerts on this instrument that worked wonders…"
Jean-Pierre Wallez (2000)

"I am the happy owner of two violins made by Pierre Dalphin. These instruments are of a remarkable quality… They bear comparison with the great Italian violins…"
Jean Piguet (2001)
Concertmaster Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

"Since 1999 I have been playing all my concerts on a violin by Pierre Dalphin. Its top qualities offer a great ease of play , a warm and outstanding tone… Pierre Dalphin's instruments are of great beauty and their distinguishing feature is their extraordinary potential…"
Eckhart Fischer (2002)
Prof. Hochschule für Musik Detmold
Trio Opus 8 of Stuttgart Violonist

"…The violins made by Pierre Dalphin are not only beautiful and possess a great powerful sound but in addition they have this particular timbre which is comparable to the greatest 18th century Italian violins.
… I am the happy owner of three of his violins made at different times, the first of them (ex Franco Gulli) made in 1984. I play them regularly in concerts and when recording."
Federico Agostini (2005)
"I Musici" Ex Concertmaster and soloist
Prof. Indiana University Bloomington (USA)

"The violin Pierre Dalphin which I am playing now for 15 years allways revealed itself, to me and to my audience, as an instrument of great personnality and character.
… When compared with the greatest instruments of the past, it was always up to the situation."
Sergio Lamberto (2008)
Concertmaster Orchestra Filarmonica di Torino
Member of the Trio di Torino
Prof. at the Conservatory "Giuseppe Verdi" di Torino


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